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Mrs. Ruchita Shah is a Post Graduate in Management from a reputed and renowned Institute of Gujarat. As a convent student she has very strong communication skills, correspondences and she has great acquaintance in management of her company. In short she is a pile of qualities like creativity, decision-making, discipline, entrepreneurship, leadership. Her analytic approach and strong professional ethics has made her a strong & successful consultant of Vadodara. She has qualities like Time Management, Judgment skills, Good listening Skills, and problem solving attitude too.

It is apparent that Immigration is exigent quest and if you do not have correct shrewdness, your client will bear the cost of it. She is powerful to realize market dynamics through her expertise consular process knowledge. She regularly overhauls her knowledge by exploring the consular requirements and amendments. Sometimes she visits abroad to understand the real scenario of consular/immigration tasks. She has visited most popular countries including USA, Canada, South Africa, Mauritius, Singapore etc very often.

As a wife of a lawyer, she has broadened her approach towards legal provisions and guidance provided by each consulate and VFS. She understands well each concept of visa or other applications, according to the provisions and discusses it often with her husband.

Mrs. Ruchita Shah knows how to transform obligations into opportunities for migration purpose with an affordable cost. She works as a best friend for her clients and entertains their queries one by one. She personally communicates with every individual client to cater to their needs by understanding their issues and expectations.

She is not only guiding the individual applicants but also has worked with many group visa applications in various categories for their short term visa applications. Thus she herself is a good learner, researcher and mentor in Immigration Field.

After such a vast experience in guiding personal /corporate visa applications for various purposes, she is firm that no consulate has any grudge or bad feelings for any applicant. Applicant themselves manipulates the documents/information or circumstances and due to such ill advise consular posts rejects/denies their applications with a reasonable reason. But genuine applicants and their well study approach for any application awards them favourable response and successful outcome.

Vision Mission Statements


Justice to all. Access of correct information to all. Due to this Vision – Vir International provides STEP BY STEP guidance in many languages to their clients. Vir International helps clients to enhance their potentials in their application by perpetuating proper documentations without guiding them to fabricate or use fake documents.


Proper, Legal guidance to all applicants - affordable and accurate information for any visa/migration applications and access to all legal information for all kinds of immigration needs with genuine documents.

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Fees paid to Vir International are always non refundable and doesn’t guarantee any fruitful/favourable/positive outcome. Vir International gives guidance only and that guidance never constitutes any assurance and doesn’t enable our client for paid fees refund. Our guidance fees are free from miscellaneous charges/expenses like photocopy, printing, notary, Postage, legal fees, valuations, transportation and are not limited to these only. We do not pay any of your fees from our credit/debit cards.

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We can’t afford free information, advice or guidance. Because Free ADVICE is worth, exactly it is: NOTHING.